Maccabee Shelley is the artist we had the pleasure of meeting this week. She originally attended art school to be an animator, however, she switched to doing different art. She creates art in various forms like paintings, screen prints, and 3D works. Her works often depict femininity but also include everyday items most people pay no mind to and she uses the environments in the photos to make it interesting.

To me when I seen Maccabee Shelley’s Let Love In I was initially confused. That was my own fault however because the first thing I noticed was the negative. Then, I noticed the “I RESIST” in the middle then I noticed the “LOVE” going into the ribs/heart. I now know that the point of this screenprint is to tell its audience and those who come across it that in life we need to love each other and not be so discriminative of each other. I can’t tell if its intentional or not but to me the first things that popped out were the words written on the ribcage and the ribcage of course. I thought this because the words on the ribcage were brighter and more vibrant than the words “LOVE” because they were more transparent.

I don’t know if it is intentional or not but the colors I feel help convey a message to me. To me this message is that we usually notice the negative things first before looking at the bigger picture and realizing that things aren’t negative and that we need to view things from a different perspective. This screenprint also tells us the obvious which is that we cannot let the diseases of the world/negativity and criticism get to us and take over us. Instead, we need to love with all of our heart lie we take in love and let out love.

This piece of art resonates with me because I grew up in a very judgmental family. This taught me to be better and that I have no power to judge someone. I simply love and respect everyone. I also don’t use the word hate on people because I feel it isn’t right for humans to hate each other.